Monday, July 16, 2007

Review: Lupicia Cherry & Peach

It's possible that I'm a huge jerk, because I have to tell you, I'm really excited to be doing a negative review for once. Normally when I don't like tea I just quietly don't write about it, but I'm always saying such nice things about Lupicia that I feel I can justify saying that this tea is awful.

Complaint #1: Lupicia has open tins around their stores for prospective buyers to take a whiff of their teas before buying them. This is clearly not a service I utilized, because this tea smells exactly like cough syrup.

Complaint #2: The tea itself is an inoffensive, if artificial, cherry flavor, but possesses a sharp, coppery, medicinal aftertaste. I don't want to compare it to cough syrup again, so I'll say it's really more like a cough drop. The menthol-eucalyptus ones. Without any of the benefits.

Overall: A half star, because zero stars is reserved for the truly undrinkable, and I drank all 50g of this. Why, I can't tell you. Possibly because I'm cheap and refused to waste the five bucks it cost.


Jamie said...

But if you don't write about the teas you *don't* like, we have nothing to compare to the ones you do (besides, the tea companies have no feedback to improve, if they indeed visit your site).

Bad reviews aren't bad, just truthful...don't be afraid!

Teapot Diversions said...

Good to know. And you are not a jerk. When I read reviews on tea, I hope people are honest as it is worth much more. Thanks for the info. Cherry Menthol tea...uh no thankyou. :)


Anonymous said...

It's true this tea isn't one of my favorites, but I have seen some of my friends take a liking to this kind of taste. Different people have a have different taste. You might not like this tea, but another might find it quite interesting. Anyhoo, you are not being a jerk at all, just voicing your opinions ^.^ But you and I have opposite taste, whereas I prefer strong tea, and you don't. I take it that you are not a matcha type person? You give me the impression your all for flavored teas here.