Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Famous Brown Teapot

Did anyone catch NOVA's Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial last night? My day job, for those who don't know, is all about evolution and creationism, so my coworkers and I had a big viewing party. It was awesome.

You may wonder why I'm bringing this up on my tea blog. The answer is that when documentary crews film people, they improvise sets. In our office, they usually use our Bone Clones skulls; NOVA used my two cup Brown Betty teapot. I don't know why they decided to use it - maybe Darwin = English = tea? - but it looked kind of cool. So if you haven't seen it yet or plan to re-watch it, look on the shelf in the clips with Nick Matzke. I just hope this taste of fame hasn't gone to its head.

You can watch Judgment Day online starting Friday 11/16.