Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jackie Chan sez: Green tea = awesome!

First, go read the article. Finished? Okay, what did you think?

a. Wow, I'm going to buy that product right now!
b. Wow, celebrity endorsements are good, but celebrity endorsements by Chinese people are even better!
c. Wow, that guy must get a kickback from the company, because no one can be that enthusiastic about a powdered drink without financial gain!

Jesus, why don't they just call it "JACKIE CHAN'S MAGICAL ANTI-CANCER JUICE" and be done with it? Let's break this down:

1. Antioxidants may have some positive health effects. This does not mean that more of them makes you healthier.
2. Are people still doing the low-carb thing? I thought whole grains were the new black in diet-land.
3. Seriously? Jackie Chan is qualified to tell us what makes good green tea because he's from China? I just. Gaah.

Forget it. Here, check out Sir Thomas Lipton's MySpace Page instead. I think we have reached the logical extreme of fake celebrities on MySpace, you guys.

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