Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review: SpecialTeas Rooibos Orange

My ambivalence for this tea is such that I was originally going to skip writing about it. Because really, once you've said "Oh my god, this smells exactly like orange soda!" a couple different ways, you have to come to some sort of conclusion, which I was failing to do. Orange flavor: pleasantly strong or too strong? Scent: unique and intriguing or off-putting? I didn't have answers.

Fortunately, Roommate Hope came to the rescue.

"I'm still not sure about this tea," I said.

"I really like it!" she replied. "It tastes healthy. Like orange juice and tea, which are both good for you."

It tastes healthy. Brilliant. And why not? Tasting healthy is the reason I like plenty of things, including cottage cheese and quinoa. Of course, those things actually are good for me, while I remain skeptical about the internet's claims that rooibos will cure cancer and make the lame walk and the blind see. Still. Healthy means you can drink it with chocolate and not feel guilty.

Overall: somewhere between two and three and a half stars.

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