Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lipton: not evil!

Lipton to partner with the Kenya Tea Development Agency to improve local tea production standards.
Jack Newnham, Seniour[sic] manger, Emerging Market Group (EMG), the group managing BLCF funds said that the funds are aimed at projects that develop new or existing business linkages, there by improving business opportunities and incomes of small holder farming communities.

"The funds will finance practical programmes for education, training and piloting of Sustainable Agriculture practices within the small holder tea segment in Kenya," said Newnham.

The project will see farmers adopt a code of practice that delivers ethically, socially, and environmentally produced tea to KTDA customers.
Okay, I pretty much never drink Lipton (they give it to us free at my office, which is why I bring in my own tea), but how fabulous is this? As much as I like buying fair trade organic tea from locally owned small businesses, it's the giant multinational companies who can really make a difference when they decide to support sustainable practices.

What do you think, Celine Dion?

Two thumbs up for Lipton and its parent company Unilever!

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