Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Earl Grey cookies for Darwin Day

Have you ever felt the need to create convoluted excuses for desserts? Like, if I wanted some pie today I might say, "Hey, February 19th is the feast of St. Conrad of Piacenza. You can't spell 'Piacenza' without 'pie'. I know what I'm feasting on!" Such was my situation when Sam of Becks & Posh posted this Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea cookie recipe. On one hand: tea flavored cookies! I am all about that! On the other hand: making cookies every time I am inspired to do so is not a good way to keep to a new year's diet. So, when February 12th rolled around, I saw opportunity.

As I previously mentioned, I'm an evolutionary defender by day, so it seemed as if we would be remiss to let Darwin Day pass without some kind of celebration at our office. And if Darwin = English = tea is an acceptable formula for NOVA producers, then, by george, it's good enough for me.

So, the cookies. Not having any jasmine tea on hand, and feeling the need to be a little more English anyways, I opted for some of the Earl Grey that I seem to have in excess. I also lacked the caster sugar the recipe called for, and the confectioner's sugar the recipe it was based on called for, but it turns out that blendering the hell out of regular sugar works just peachy (thanks for the tip, Internet!). Then I was reminded once again how awesome it would be to have a Kitchenaid, as I slowly mushed a cup of very hard butter with a fork. Also, I overcooked the first tray.

The end result was not what I expected - chewy when I was expecting cakey - but very, very tasty. Even the almost-burned ones were pretty good. They were rapidly consumed and it was suggested that I make more. Verdict: heck yeah.

Recipe at link above.

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